Through the Dead City

The city has been taken been zombies, for a change


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Through the Dead City is a two-dimensional action and strategy game where you control a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who has to try to survive the never-ending hordes of undead that want to eat his brain.

You will control your character using the directional buttons to move and the mouse to aim with the gun. The ammunition is limited so that you will have to search in boxes and bodies to find more bullets. Otherwise you will have to resort to hand to hand combat, something not really recommendable.

You do not start the game alone. Accompanying our main character there is a character controlled by the artificial intelligence that normally covers your back in quite an efficient way.

Although your companion will act on his own by default, you can also give him orders and even share your equipment (bandages, medicine and weapons) with him, so that he can help you in a more efficient way.

Through the Dead City is an entertaining action survival game, that will put the player in the shoes of a survivor that normally won't survive very long, because the zombies of the game are ruthless.
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